Problems Viewing Documents in the Chrome Browser


It has come to our attention that some people cannot view forms from our website when using the Google Chrome browser.

Should you encounter this problem the easiest fix is to use another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or for Apple products Safari. Other browsers are available. For Windows Operating Systems Internet Explorer will almost certainly be already installed on your machine, as is the case with Safari on Apple products.

Firefox is downloadable from http://www.cnet.com/firefox/

Alternatively, if you prefer to continue using Google Chrome, the following steps have successfully opened documents in some instances.

1. Click on the link for the document that you want to open. The document will try to open in a "new tab" but will not.

2. Click on the tab in which you opened our web site, you'll be back to the last page viewed.

3. Click on the tab in which the document failed to open, you'll be back to the unopened  document.

4. "Refresh" the browser using the "Refresh" symbol Chrome Refresh located at the top of the browser window. The document may now open.

 Or, as a further alternative

"Right Click" on the link, from the menu that pops up select "Open link in new window".



Adobe Reader may be needed to open and print some of the files linked to this page. It may be downloaded by clicking on the icon below

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