Show Diary 2017

Date Show Judge Affix
Thursday 5th Boston & District Mrs C Davis Imola
Thursday 19th Manchester Mrs F Mitchell All rounder
Thursday 9th Crufts Mr R Searle All rounder
Sunday 19th M&NRR Club – Open Show Mrs K Lowson  Jengachenga 
Saturday 8th Hound Association of Scotland  Mrs A Harrower Jimanns
TBC RR Club of Scotland – Open Show
Friday 28th WELKS  Mrs G Mitchelson Vortrekker
Sunday 7th SRRA Mrs A Fox Sonstraal
Thursday 4th Birmingham National Mrs E Newton All rounder
Saturday 20th Scottish Kennel Club Miss L. Aitken Saadani
Monday 29th Bath Mr P Iversen All rounder
Friday 2nd Southern Counties Mr V Timonen All rounder
Friday 9th Three Counties Mr P Jolley All rounder
Sunday 4th RRC of GB – Open Show Mrs C Vincent Jematti
Saturday 17th Border Union Mr P Broadbent All rounder
Saturday 24th Blackpool Ms L Cox-Parke Carlincox
Friday 30th Windsor Mr G Hill All rounder
Sunday 9th East of England Miss D Spavin All rounder
Saturday 15th M&NRR Club Mrs L Hewson  Rekaylahn 
Friday 21st Leeds Mrs A Gates Eagleridge
Saturday 5th Hound Association Mrs T Agnew Mwenga
Sunday 6th Paignton Mr J Mackfall Africaner
Saturday 12th Bournemouth Mrs M Hunt All rounder
Friday 18th Welsh Kennel Club Mrs J Peak All rounder
Sunday 27th Scottish Kennel Club Mrs G Craven Hespa
Friday 1st City of Birmingham Miss D J Startup All rounder
Friday 8th Richmond Miss G Lawless Faahac
Friday 15th Darlington Mr A Wight All rounder
Saturday 23rd Belfast
Sunday 24th RRC of GB Mr S Holbrook Ngami
Saturday 30th Driffield (No CC’s)
Friday 6th South Wales Mr C Ashmore All rounder
TBC SRRA – Open Show
Thursday 26th Midland Counties Mrs C E Cartledge All rounder
Sunday 5th RR Club of Scotland Ms M Eshuis-Frank Musanga
Saturday 11th M&NRR Club – Open Show Mrs J Warren  Breed Specialist
Saturday 9th LKA Mr E Patterson Rocksham