N.B. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this Show Diary, we cannot be held accountable for any inconvenience caused by errors omissions and changes that occasionally occur. All users are advised to check the relevant show schedules when completing their entries.

Unless otherwise specified all shows listed are Championship Shows






Thursday 5th Boston & District Mrs C Davis Imola
Thursday 19th Manchester Mrs F Mitchell All rounder
Thursday 9th Crufts Mr R Searle All rounder
Saturday 18th M&NRR Club - Open Show Mrs K Lowson  Jengachenga 
Saturday 8th Hound Association of Scotland  Mrs A Harrower Jimanns 
TBC RR Club of Scotland - Open Show    
Friday 28th WELKS  Mrs G Mitchelson Vortrekker 
Sunday 7th SRRA Mrs A Fox Sonstraal 
Thursday 4th Birmingham National Mrs E Newton All rounder
Saturday 20th Scottish Kennel Club Ms S Campbell Nyassa
Monday 29th Bath Mr P Iversen All rounder
Friday 2nd Southern Counties Mr V Timonen  All rounder 
Friday 9th Three Counties Mr P Jolley All rounder
Sunday 11th RRC of GB - Open Show Mrs C Vincent  Jematti 
Saturday 17th Border Union Mr P Broadbent  All rounder 
Saturday 24th Blackpool Ms L Cox-Parke Carlincox
Friday 30th Windsor Mr G Hill  All rounder 
Sunday 9th East of England Miss D Spavin  All rounder 
Saturday 15th M&NRR Club Mrs L Hewson  Rekaylahn 
Friday 21st Leeds    
Saturday 5th Hound Association Mrs T Agnew Mwenga
Sunday 6th Paignton    
Saturday 12th Bournemouth    
Friday 18th Welsh Kennel Club Mrs J Peak  All rounder 
Sunday 27th Scottish Kennel Club Mrs G Craven Hespa
Friday 1st City of Birmingham Miss D J Startup  All rounder 
Friday 8th Richmond    
Friday 15th Darlington Mr A Wight  All rounder 
Saturday 23rd Belfast    
Sunday 24th RRC of GB Mr S Holbrook Ngami
Saturday 30th Driffield (No CC's)    
Friday 6th South Wales Mr C Ashmore All rounder 
TBC SRRA - Open Show    
Thursday 26th Midland Counties Mrs C E Cartlegde  All rounder 
Sunday 5th RR Club of Scotland Ms M Eshuis-Frank  Musanga 
Saturday 25th M&NRR Club - Open Show Mrs J Warren   
Saturday 9th LKA Mr E Patterson Rocksham

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