2016 November Rescue Open Show Photos and Judges’ Critique

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Open Show 26th November 2016

in Aid of The Rescue Trust

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this Show and my stewards who kept the ring running and a thank you to exhibitors who brought their lovely hounds for me judge today.  Sadly, due to the last minute cancellation of the previous venue the room was too small to be able to see the ridgeback movement that I am used to seeing. Temperaments were good with a few exceptions of shyness.  On the whole ridges were good.

Photos courtesy of Lena Piehl

Best In Show ~ Mr P & Mrs E Storey & Mrs L Piehl’s Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW


Reserve Best In Show~  Mr J & Mrs W Broadsmith’s Gunthwaite Kiss N’Tell at Chainama

Best Opposite Sex ~ Mrs G Craven’s Hespa Higgins JW


Reserve Best Dog ~ Mr M & Miss F Cannon’s Hespa Kir Royale To Abayomi


Best Veteran Dog ~ Mrs L Piehl’s  Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW


Best Puppy In Show and Best Puppy Dog ~ Mr B & Mrs A Davis’ Hesslewell Heartthrob

Best Veteran In Show and Best Veteran Bitch ~ Mrs S & Mr J Hicks’ Nuthouse Martini


Best Puppy Bitch ~ Mr B & Mrs A Davis’ Hesslewell Heartbeat


Minor Puppy Dog (2,1a)

1st Davis Hessiewell Heartthrob 8 months old, lovely young puppy with good head, ear set and eyes, has good arch of neck leading in to well laid back shoulders and a good front. Has good depth of body even at this age. Correct rear angulation and well let down hocks and nice tight feet.  Moved with reach and drive. This puppy is defiantly one to watch in the future. Delighted to award him BPD and BPIS.


Puppy Dog (1, 1a)

1st Davis Hessiewell Heartthrob.


Junior Dog (2)

1st Canon & Wickstead’s Hespa Kir Royale to Abayomi, 12 months old male of good type and correct proportions with good bone, stunning head with nice dark eyes, good reach of neck and good shoulders, correct topline depth and length, well ribbed, good rear angulation. Well-muscled and moved with reach and drive. Pleased to award him RBD.

2nd Murphy & Barnes Diamondridge De Niro, 16 months male another good specimen of the breed, well balanced with good bone, topline and rear quarters, was distracted and bouncy on the move in this class. Very happy with handler.


Novice Dog (0,0)


Graduate Dog (1)

1st  Murphy & Barnes Diamondridge De Niro, settled down in this class and showed good movement with a free and easy stride.


Post Graduate Dog (1, 1a)


Limit Dog (3)

1st Murphy’s Amahle Mpho at Lusapho ShCM 3 year old male a balanced dog with good substance and bone. Masculine clean head, nice dark eye, good ear set and shape. Good strong neck leading to well laid shoulders and good front, strong topline with was held on the move, good rear angulation with well laid down hocks. Moved free and easy.

2nd Catharell’s Faahac Free N’Easy liver nose male with correct pigmentation, eyes and coat colour harmonising. Like first is well balanced. With good top line and rear angulation.

3rd Lowson’s Kani Akilah Encane Hasani For Jengachenga.


Open Dog (9,5a)

1st Craven and Macfall’s Hespa Henry Higgins, Stunning 2 year male captured my eye when he entered the ring. He is a hound at the top end of the standard but still in proportion and outline fitting the standard to a T.  He has a good head with excellent planes, kind eyes and good ear set. Strong and clean neck with correct arch. Beautiful fore chest with is nice and deep. Good Shoulders and elbows tucked in. well ribbed and length, correct topline which was held on the move. Correct rear angulation and well muscle.  Balanced movement that showed reach and drive. Pleased to award him BD and BOS.

2nd Pearce’s Msingi Tabula Rasa JW nice 4 year old male, of correct proportions, good head, strong neck, good shoulders and good rear angulation. Moved well although I have seen him move better.

3rd Jeffery’s Ch Zenezele’s Chase the Ace JW


Veteran Dog (4,1a)

1st Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW ShCM. 7½ year old male light wheaten in colour, well-constructed with plenty of bone. Kind but masculine head, good shoulders and front, strong topline, good rear angulation and hocks. Moved with reach and drive showing he still has it all. Very much together with his handler BVD, RBVIS.

2nd Hick’s Ch Nuthouse Manhatton, 8½ year old male still looking great for his age. Presented in great condition good shoulders and rear angulation. A bigger ring would have been more suited for this dog.

3rd Lowson’s Jengachenga By Design


Minor Puppy Bitch (3).

1st Davis Hesslewell Heartbeat, 8 month old liver nose bitch, again a liver nose who eye and coat colour harmonised. very much like her brother but with feminine traits, nice clean head and ear set, well laid back shoulders and a good front. Correct rear angulation and well let down hocks and nice tight feet.  Moved out well. Again she is one to watch in the future. Pleased to award her BPB and RBPIS.

2nd Lowson’s Misingi Maarika For Jengachenga, another 8 month old bitch. Very happy puppy who could do with some more training. Can move well when she settles down.

3rd Zhao’s Vkloof Gaultier Ma Dame.


Puppy Bitch (2).

1st Davis’ Hesslewell Heartbeat,

2nd Lowson’s Misingi Maarika For Jengachenga


Junior Bitch (3,1a)

1st Storey and Piehl’s Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW. This 17 month old bitch I have admired from a puppy and today she did not let me down. Well balanced and complete, even at this tender age she has it all. Beautiful head with kind dark eyes and soft expression good ear set and size, strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, tight elbows and good forechest, Good topline, rear angulation leading into well let down hocks. Well muscled without being course. Best mover of the day. Movement was free and easy with reach and drive. Exhibited in excellent condition. More than delighted to aware BB and BIS.

2nd Edwards & Aldous’ Mukumbura Star Appeal, 13 month old bitch with pleasing head, nice dark eye and good proportions, good shoulders and topline, nice rear angulation and well let down hocks. Moved well.


Novice Bitch (1,1a)


Graduate Bitch (3,1a)

1st Hodge’s Colkeririn Face To The Sun. 15 month old bitch very feminine with good proportion and outline, very pretty head and with good ear set, good reach of neck leading into a good front, shoulders and feet, has a nice topline which was held on the move, moved well.

2nd Hick’s Nuthouse Hot Stuff 19 month old bitch very similar to first. Again very feminine bitch with good rear angulation and balanced movement.


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1a)

1st Mansfield and Kirby’s Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose 2 year old bitch very pleasing to the eye, balanced bitch and well-proportioned very pretty head, nice length of neck, well laid back shoulders, nice topline, good angulation and well let down hocks good tight feet. Moved well has a bright future ahead I’m sure.

2nd Pearce’s Msingi Hush Hush nice bitch very expressive head, well placed ears and nice shoulders, good bone and moved with reach and drive.


Limit Bitch (5 2a)

1st Broadsmith’s Gunthwaite Kiss N’Tell at Chainama. Another beautiful bitch, very well balanced and presented in excellent frim condition. Very much to the standard. Nice head, with strong neck leading in to well laid back shoulders good front and pasterns, nice tight feet. Good topline again which is held on the move RBB and RBIS.

2nd Maylor’s Mirengo’s Musola at Kamli 18 month old bitch again very much to the standard with kind expressive head. Good front and rear angulation and moved well.

3rd Lawless’ Faahac Fancy Free.


Open Bitch (7, 3a)

1st Pearce’s Msingi Your Da One JW 4 year old bitch nice good bone and substance, nice head and neck, good shoulders and topline, nice rear angulation. Moved with reach and drive.

2nd Storey and Piehl’s Kiromol Kendi JW ShCM 4 year old bitch of a different type to first. Well-proportioned and with a good topline and both front and rear angulation moved well.

3rd Hicks’ Nuthouse Never Say Never


Veteran Bitch (9,1a) The biggest class of the day and it was a pleasure to be able to go over these beautiful girls

1st Hicks’ Nuthouse Martini 8 ½ year old bitch who is in beautiful condition and does not look her age. Good head and strong neck, well laid back shoulders tight elbows, strong topline which is held on the move. She can still move with the power and drive of a youngster. BVB and BVIS.

2nd Craven’s Ch Hespa Heloise JW ShCM 7 year old bitch who would have benefited from a bigger ring. well proportioned, beautiful head with good earset, well angulated shoulders and rear, good hindquarters level topline.

3rd Storey and Piehl’s Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW.                                Judge Jemma McCarthy