2017 Championship Show Photos and Judges’ Critique

Best in Show & Bitch CC ~ Farleigh’s Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That

Reserve Best in Show & Dog CC ~ Craven & Mackfall’s Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW

Best Puppy in Show & Best Puppy Bitch ~ Bates’ Gunthwaite’s Tickled Pink

Best Veteran in Show & Best Veteran Bitch ~ Mansfield & Kirby’s Ch Shingwidsi  Tshelete Silk


Dog CC  ~  Craven & Mackfall’s Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW

Reserve Dog CC ~ Hurn’s Rufus On The Laen Of Matikiridge Sh.CM

Best Dog Puppy ~ Adderley’s Tambyssa’s Teasel

Best Veteran Dog ~ Mackfall’s Ch Kelshanti Senator Of Africaner JW Sh.CM


Dog CC  ~  Craven & Mackfall’s Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW

Reserve Dog CC ~ Hurn’s Rufus On The Laen Of Matikiridge Sh.CM


Reserve Bitch CC ~ Webster’s Diamondridge Distant Beat Of Kazembe


Judges Critique

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club

15th July 2017              Judge Lyn Hewson

I had been looking forward to this appointment for some time and having such a super entry, I appreciated the assistance of Chris Owen and Adam Hawkins.  Their efficient stewarding kept the ring running exactly as I had requested.  Needless to say, with such a quality entry, in some classes, the excellence resulted in some challenging, nit-picking decisions.  I was looking for balance and, as these are hunting dogs, movement!  However, I was extremely disappointed to find, having completed the judging of the dog classes, my hands were filthy and, I have to add, they were not much cleaner following the judging of the bitches!  There is no excuse for a short coated breed to be shown in such a dirty condition; in some cases a thorough brushing would have been of benefit.

Minor Puppy Dog (2):  1. Adderley’s Tambyssa’s Teasel.  Promising 7 month old. Well balanced head, long neck, good front assembly.  Deep chest and prominent forechest for such a baby. Well made quarters.  He was a little over-awed by the proceedings and was unsure of his footing on certain areas of the flooring. However, he gained confidence and, once settled, I certainly caught sight of sound, steady strides. BPD.   2.  Lowson’s Jengachenga Dens of Lions.  Different type to 1 who, for me, needed a bit more body.  Pleasing head and expression. Good neck, front and quarters. Reasonable depth of ribbing for age.  Needed to firm up in top line.  Would prefer tighter feet

Puppy Dog (3,1):   A difficult decision as, although I now see these boys are litter brothers, they are totally different!    1.  Chavez-Novoa’s Carlincox First Impression.   Balance outline. Good head & expression. Well made front with prominent forechest.  Deep ribbing and firm top line.  Strong quarters. Well boned. Neat feet.   Exuberant on the move – enjoy it as he will calm down all too quickly.  2.  Barnard’s Carlincox First Encounter.  Probably more the type of dog with which I would be associated.  Lovely head and expression and, like his brother, good front and feet.  Deep chest and firm loin. Unfortunately, he was going through that awkward stage of development as his top line was running up hill!  Hopefully, in time, he will develop more bend of sti

Junior Dog (4):  1.  Anthony’s Rottzridge Nemesis.   R/Wheaten with a lovely outline.  Well balanced, masculine head with deep muzzle.  Good length of neck.  Well-constructed front assembly with prominent forechest.  Good depth of rib and strong top line.  Well set tail.  Strong bone and good substance.  Neat, knuckled feet. Powerful moving dog who was a serious challenger for the RCC.  At only 13 months, he just needs to settle.  2.  Davies’ Hesslewell Heartthrob JW.  Pleasing masculine head, good expression.  Good length of neck to sloping shoulder with length to upper arm. Deep chest. Well-made quarters. Neat feet.  Preferred the outline and tail set of 1.  3.  Radke & Korner’s Jun Ch. Ndoki Highlander

Yearling (3,1):  Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Taking Chances.  Handsome youngster with a pleasing expression.  Strong neck to well laid shoulder with corresponding return of upper arm.  Deep rib cage which was carried well back giving a gentle under line.  Strong quarters with good bend of stifle. Well set and carried tail.  Moved with purpose.   2.  House’s Diamondridge Distant Storm for Kemordoni.  Similarly constructed to 1 with good front assembly and balanced angulation to quarters.  Masculine head, typical expression. Strong body with deep ribbing.  Covered the ground on the move.  Preferred the top line on 1.  3.  Maidment’s Amahle Alo

Novice Dog (3, 1):  1.  Watson’s Ilizulu Bah Humbug.   Mature 4 year old presenting a compact outline. Balanced head, deep muzzle, round eye. Strong neck. Well-made front and quarters. Good depth of ribs although he was rather steep in tuck up.  Level top line. Moved well.    2.  Barnard’s Carlincox First Encounter.   Preferred the head and body shape on this dog as he had a better length of rib cage but lost out on top line.

Post Graduate Dog (6,1):  1.  Nix’ Kitoko Wherever You Go Eiko JW Standard size dog. Pleasing head with well-shaped eyes. Flat skull. Sufficient reach of neck to good front assembly.  Deep rib cage of sufficient length.  Strong top line.  Well-constructed quarters. Moved soundly.    2.  Deacon & Wilding’s Kiromol Kindred Spirit.  Upstanding dog with lovely head and expression with deep muzzle. Good length of neck, well laid shoulder with correct return of upper arm. Good depth and length of rib cage.  Well made quarters.  Felt he was, possibly, a little longer in loin which caused him to drop his top line.  Free mover.   3.  Grayson-Wood’s Kifani’s Loki By Ino with Isiqa

Limit Dog (13,4):  A quality class of good-looking males.  1.   Murphy & Barnes’ Diamondridge De Niro JW.  Red/wheaten with balanced head. Round eye and good expression. Strong neck to sloping shoulder. Deep chest, level top line, strong loin.  Moderately angulated quarters. Neat feet. Moved with plenty of drive although his front movement was a bit untidy.  2.  Catherall’s Faahac Free N’Easy JW, ShCM. Always been an admirer this liver nosed lad who, sometimes, does not move with the scope his construction would indicate.  Today he did move well. Lovely head with well shaped eye of good colour and a delightful inquisitive expression. Long neck to well-built front assembly. Deep rib cage.  Level top line. Muscular quarters with good bend of stifle and low set hocks.  I preferred the tail set and the gentle tuck-up of the winner.   3.  Dunn’s Fadil Nallah By Luanda For Tukel

Open Dog (14, 4): This was an exceptional class with so little between them. One dog I particularly liked, unfortunately, was not sound on the day.   1. Craven & McFall’s Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW.  An impressive male with a lovely balanced outline, good neck, shoulder and front. Deep chest, well ribbed back. Strong loin. Well muscled, moderately angulated quarters.  Low set hocks. Handsome balanced head with flat skull and characteristic expression.  Powerful movement covering the ground with ease.  CC.  2.  Hurn’s Rufus On The Lawn of Matikiridge, ShCM.  I have always liked this dog. A lovely type with handsome head.  Dignified expression, well shaped eye. Long, clean neck. Sloping shoulder and good return of upper arm. Deep ribbing, strong top line to well-constructed quarters.  Well off for bone. Effortless, easy movement with strong rear drive. Would prefer more infill in front but, despite that and a very strong challenge from the winner of junior, I felt he was rather more collected on the move.  Pleased to award him the RCC.  3.  Cunningham’s Ch. & Ir Ch Walamadengie Brooklyn Bear, Jun Ch.

Veteran (8:2): Some lovely seniors.  1. Macfall’s Ch.Kelshanti Senator of Africaner JW, ShCM.  Only 7 years young. Beautifully constructed with strong neck and well laid shoulder. Deep chest, well ribbed back. Firm muscular loin.  Well angulated quarters. Moved well and presented in good fit condition.   2.  Radke’s Ch. Ibamba of Sambesi Waters.  9 years old similar in outline to 1.  Balanced head, nice expression. Muzzle just beginning to show signs of frosting.  Good front and angulated quarters. Good bone and substance.  Cover the ground effortlessly on the move.   3.  Lowson’s Jengachena By Design

Minor Puppy Bitch (5:1): Hicks’ Nuthouse Some Like It Hot. Lovely head and an expression that had an element of mischief! Nice eye shape. Good front and well laid shoulder with corresponding length to upper arm. Level top line. Deep chest. Well made quarters with neat, knuckled feet.  Although she was quite a handful, once in her stride she covered the ground with ease.  2.  Lowson’s Jengachenga Despicable Me. Similar in build to 1 and a bit more collected on the move.  Attractive head with good depth of muzzle. Pleasing expression. Good neck and front assembly.  Well constructed quarters.  She had a tendency to drop her top line standing and I preferred the feet on 1.  3. Smith’s Sweet Little Wallflower.

Puppy Bitch (6):   1.  Bates’ Gunthwaite Tickled Pink.  Very mature for age presenting a good outline. Correct balance to head, long neck.  Well angled front with good infill.  Deep rib cage. Muscular loin.  Strong quarters with length to second thigh. Low set hocks.  Moved steadily with long strides. I would have preferred a bit more sparkle and enthusiasm. However, her quality could not be overlooked.  Pleased to award BPB and Best Puppy in Show.   2.  Larkin’s Rubicon Red Do The Right Thing Royaal Pearl.   Slightly smaller stamp to the winner.  Nice head and neck. Good lay of shoulder.  Well made front with correct infill.  Good depth of body, strong level top line.  Well angulated quarters, short hocks.  3. Cox’s Carlincox First Class

Junior Bitch (9:2): 1.  Henshall’s Sanbona A’frican Soul Daaci at Suhuba.  Elegantly constructed with a pretty head with dark round eye.  Alert expression.  Good reach of neck.  Nice shoulder and front. Rib cage of good length and depth.  Level top line.  Moderately angulated quarters.  2.  Carlton’s Umhlandla Phaphathekileyo.  Similar in shape and outline to 1.  Good reach of neck and well laid shoulder.  Nice head and expression.  Good return of upper arm.  Deep chest which was well ribbed back.  Strong loin and well angulated quarters. Moved steadily.  3.  Davis’ Hesslewell Heartbeat.

Yearling Bitch (10:2): 1.  Rowbottom’s Hespa Pina Colada.  I have admired this bitch since I first saw her as a puppy.  Lovely shape and outline. Well balanced head with depth to muzzle.  Good reach of neck.  Sloping shoulder with good return of upper arm.  Level top line. Muscular quarters with good bend of stifle.  Used her construction to advantage on the move covering plenty of ground with ease.  She just appeared to be flicking her front foot when it came to the final challenge.  2.  Barker & Hanson’s Bonfirebeau Bangtidy. Another that has attracted my attention.  R/Wheaten with a lovely outline.  Liked her balanced head with depth to foreface.  Long clean neck.  Excellent front with length to upper arm.  Deep chest, well ribbed back. Moderately angulated quarters and well set tail.  3.  Carlton’s Umhlandla Phaphathekileyo

Novice Bitch (4): 1.  Umhlandla Phaphthekileyo    2.  Manning’s Fiadma Mrs Clause Nyekundo.  Free moving bitch with a pleasing head. Good reach of neck.  Level top line to nicely angulated quarters.  Deep ribbing, carried well back.  The handler should note that she stands true in front and doesn’t need stacking!  3. Cox & Musgrave’s Carlincox First Love

Post Graduate (16.3): 1. Webster’s Diamondridge Distant Beat of Kazembe and 2. Salmon’s Diamondridge Distant Drum at Logengula.  I did not feel there was much to separate these two and now I know why – they are sisters!  Both share the same qualities and I am sure will exchange the honours!  Both presented fabulous outlines.  Feminine balanced heads on long strong necks. Well angulated fronts.  Deep chests with good infill.  Firm level top lines.   Well constructed quarters.  Both displayed strong, ground covering movement which attracted my attention when they first moved round the ring.  So little between them, finally, my decision was based on the fractionally smaller size and verve of the winner who, eventually, went on to win the RCC.  3.  Maidment’s Kiromol Sweet Spirit for Amahle.

Limit (17:4):  A hard class with some lovely girls.  Sadly one bitch I really liked would not perform and appeared to be having an “off” day.  1. Miles & Bennie’s Nehando’s Red Queen at Jaloumi.  Lovely r/wheaten of the correct size. Feminine, well balanced head with lovely expression. Elegant neck to correctly sloping shoulder with complimentary length to upper arm.  Deep ribbing giving good top and underline.  Well boned with muscular quarters and low set hocks. Neat feet.  2.  Torr’s Gunthwaite Dolly Diva at Bovijo. Similar type to 1 but a little more sturdily built. Equally well constructed front as 1 with balance angulation to hind quarters.  Good head and expression.  Presented a good outline.  3.  Cunningham’s Walamadengie Milady Luck, Ir. Jun Ch.

Open (9:1): Another excellent class.  1.  Fairleigh’s Ch.Kinabula Bin There Done That.  Quality well constructed bitch with the requisite panache of a show-dog!  Lovely feminine head, dark round eyes and dignified expression.  Well-made front with prominent forechest and good return of upper arm.  Excellent depth and length of brisket.  Moderately angulated quarters.  Superb movement – she covers the ground with ease.  Delighted to award the CC and, subsequently, BIS.  The only criticism I have is that she doesn’t belong to me!   2.  Storey & Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit, JW. Another lovely bitch of similar stamp to 1 with many obvious virtues.  Good length of neck to well made front with correct lay of shoulder. Good top and underline to muscular quarters.  She too moved with reach and drive. Just preferred the tail set on 1.  3.  Bates, McCarthy-Booth & McCarthy’s Ch. Gunthwaite Born To Be Wicked at Jarhiba.

Veteran (2:1): 1. Mansfield & Kirby’s Ch.Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk.  Pity she was alone in this class.  Well-constructed and of similar proportions to the previous class winner.  Well angulated front and quarters. Deep chest with good ribbing.  Pleasing head and expression. Shown in excellent condition and, at just seven years old, shows no signs of age. Free moving.  Best Veteran in Show.                              Judge Lyn Hewson


Ch Show Puppy Walk     Judge Janice Ellis

All the puppies in this Puppy Walk were puppies that I would have been proud to own

1st Davies’ Gunthwaite Papa Don’t Preach.  He has good angulation, lovely dark eye, a very well boned puppy.  He took first place as he was a very confident, steady puppy both being handled and on the move.

 2nd Taylor’s Tokwe Truly Gintastic  She has a very attractive head, tight feet, well angulated and moved steadily for one so young