2017 Open Show in aid of Rescue Photos and Judges critques

Our Judge for day Mrs Junette Warren with her principal winners

Best in Show ~ Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose  &  Reserve Best in  Show ~ Kiromol Kindred Spirit


Best Puppy in Show ~ Gunthwaite Midnite Swinga  &  Best Veteran in Show ~ Nuthouse Martini


Dog Lineup

Best Dog Kiromol Kindred Spirit & Reserve Best Dog Carlincox First Encounter

Best Puppy Dog Gunthwaite Papa Dont Preach & Best Veteran Dog Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno JW ShCM


Bitch Line up

Best Bitch Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose & Reserve Best Bitch Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW

Best Puppy Bitch Gunthwaite Midnite Swinga & Best Veteran Bitch Nuthouse Martini


The Magnificent Christmas Hamper kindly donated by Julie, David and Anne Bates

The Two Wonderful Wine Hampers kindly donated by Liz and Paul  Storey


Judges Critique

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Open Show 11th November 2017

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at such a well run and enjoyable show, and thanks also to the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st Davies Gunthwaite Papa Dont Preach.  Quality 7 month old puppy. Lovely head and expression, well angled, good movement. Not keen on being handled, hopefully this will come with experience.  Best Puppy Dog

Puppy Dog No entries

Junior Dog (2)

1st Barnard’s Carlincox First Encounter.   Masculine dog, caught my eye when he entered the ring.  Strong head, long neck going into good shoulders. Well off for bone. Deep chest, firm top-line and well angled rear. Moved with drive.  Reserve Best Dog

2nd Chavez-Novoa’s Carlincox First Impression.  Litter brother to my first. Good head and expression, long neck, well placed shoulders, deep chest and good rear quarter. Did not settle when moving.

Novice Dog (1)

1st Barnard’s Carlincox First Encounter

Graduate Dog (1)

1st Chavez-Novoa’s Carlincox First Impression

Post Graduate Dog (2, 1)

1st Deacon & Wilding’s  Kiromol Kamanga.  Light wheaten. Nice construction, good head, neck and shoulder.  Sadly too interested in hoovering the floor so making it hard to assess his movement.

Limit Dog (5)

1st Deacon & Wilding’s  Kiromol Kindred Spirit.  Handsome masculine dog. Excellent head and expression. Nice neck going into well laid shoulders, straight fore legs, heavy boned. Good depth of chest strong loin. Balanced rear quarters. Moved with reach and drive.    Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show

2nd Murphy’s Diamondridge De Niro JW ShCM.  Have admired this dog before. Well balanced, lovely outline. Kind expression. Was not as settled today when moving.

3rd Cannon’s  Hespa Kir Royale to Abayomi JW

Open Dog (6, 1)

1st Murphy’s Amahle Mpho at Lasapho ShCM    Dark eye, good head, lovely length of neck, well laid  shoulders, Strong in bone, deep chest. Good turn of stifle. Moved with ease.

2nd Craven & Mackfall’s Ch Hespa Henry Higgins JW   Similar type to first. Long arched neck. Good outline and good angulation front and rear. Moved with drive.

3rd Catharell’s Faahac Free N’Easy JW ShCM

Veteran Dog (2,1)

1st Piehl’s Ch Kiromal Kubwa Mno JW ShCM   Light wheaten 81/2 years but still moving with drive. Lovely head, shoulders, Good overall construction well boned in tune with his handler.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Bates’ Gunthwaites Midnite Swinga Litter sister to my minor puppy dog. What a poppet. Well proportioned head and melting expression. Good length of neck and well laid shoulder. Deep chest and correct length of body. Excellent rear angulation. Moved with drive holding a strong top-line.   Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy in Show

Puppy Bitch (1)

1st Bates’ Gunthwaites Midnite Swinga  

Junior Bitch (5, 2)

1st Larkin’s Rubicon Red Do The Right Thing Royaal Pearl (imp).   Pretty girl with a well balanced out line. Correct length, well angled. Moved freely

2nd Bates’ Gunthwaites Tickled Pink.   Slightly larger than first, pretty expression. Good length of neck going into sloping shoulders, lovely body shape, correct length and well angled rear. Moved well.

3rd Hicks’ Nuthouse Some Like it Hot

Novice Bitch (2, 1)

1st Hicks’ Nuthouse Hot Stuff.   Nice head, dark eye, long neck going in to good shoulders. Well bodied and moved with drive.

Graduate Bitch (2,2)

Post Graduate Bitch (3,2)

1st Hick’s Nuthouse Some Like it Hot  Light wheaten, lovely head, good shoulders. Well angled rear just lost her topline when on the move.

Limit Bitch (7 ,2)

1st Maylor’s Mirengo’s Musola At Kamili.  Light wheaten, lovely type. Beautiful head and eyes. Excellent shoulder, forelegs straight and strong, good length of body. Correctly constructed, moved well.

2nd Hicks’ Nuthouse Romance.   Another lovely bitch from this kennel. Balanced though out, good angulation.

3rd Broadsmith’s  Gunthwaite Kiss N’Tell at Chainaha

Open Bitch (9, 1)

1st Mansfield’s Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose.   Have admired this bitch from the ring side and she did not disappoint. Very sweet bitch with a lovely outline, correct size and shape. Moved effortlessly with reach and drive, at one with her handler.  Best Bitch and Best in Show

2nd Storey’s Ch Kiromol Midsummer Spirit JW.   Another lovely bitch with pretty head and correct expression. Long neck with good slope to shoulder, depth of chest, strong loins. Muscular hind quarters. Another lovely mover.  Reserve Best Bitch

Veteran Bitch (2,1)

1st Hick’s Nuthouse Martini This one brought tears to my eyes, 9 1/2 years young having so much fun. This girl could move with reach and drive which is not always seen now.  Best Veteran in Show

Judge Junette Warren


The Puppy Walk judged by Lyn Hewson


I was happy to be asked to judge the puppy walk and was presented with two delightful baby girls – Brewis’ Kiromol Kizan of Janak and Doughty’s Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Henrietta for Rubiltra.

Both were well constructed and showed great promise. They were not fazed by this new venture which they approached with confidence.  In fact, I believe they reveled in the admiration from the ringside!  I hope they continue to enjoy their visits to the shows and wish them well for the future.