Trophy                                                                          Owner                                                Name of Dog                                                           Points

Top Dog/ Bitch of the year                                      Mr & Mrs S Farleigh              Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That                              175

Leo of Eilack Trophy                                                                                               

Dog scoring most points                                          Mr & Mrs S Farleigh                Ch Kinabula Taking Chances                                     155

Red Tarka Shield

Bitch scoring most points                                         Mr & Mrs S Farliegh                Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That                           175

Carridge Trophy

Top Stud Dog of the year                                        Mr & Mrs S Farliegh             Ch Kinabula Taking Chances                                      333

Ch Satnall Luke Trophy       

Top Brood Bitch of the year                                    Miss H Parsons                       Priorpark Aphodite JW                                               333

Ch Faahac Freya Rosebowl

Top Puppy of the year                                             Miss H Parsons                      Priorpark Pipsqueak JW                                          142

 Karebu Shield                                                          

 Top Breeder of the year                                         Mr & Mrs S Farleigh                Kinabula                                                                     378 

 Faahac Salver                                                       

Best Junior Warrant Winner                                    Miss H Parsons                       Priorpark Pipsqueak JW                                          39     

 Zakuli Shield                                                         

 Top Puppy Bitch of the year                                   Miss H Parsons                       Priorpark Pipsqueak JW                                            142

 Mwenga Trophy                                                    

 Top Puppy Dog of the year                                    Mrs K & Ms E Gray                 Kijivu’s Kardano                                                            34

Midlands & Northern Plaque

Top Liver Nosed Dog/Bitch of the year                   Mr & Mrs H Catharell              Ch Faahac Free ‘Easy  JW ShCM                             141

Ch Faahac Faabu Plaque

Best Special Beginners Dog/Bitch                         Miss L Forrester                      Hespa Heart of Gold                                                  39

Hesslewell Trophy

Top Veteran of the year                                          Mr J Kirby &                           Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk                                     167

 Kwekwe Shield                                                     Miss H Mansfield 

Best Open Sh. Winner of the year                           Not Presented                                                  

The Ridgeback Cup

Best Untitled Dog of the Year                                  Mrs K & Ms E Gray                 Kijivu’s Kardano                                                       40

Kalkiri Khan Challenge Trophy                                 

Best Untitled Bitch of the Year                 Mr D & Mrs J Bates       Gunthwaite Tickled Pink JW                                       85

Jo Hemstock Memorial Trophy                             

Best Descendant of Ulundi                                      Mr J Kirby &                          Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk                                     167                                            

Ushumba of Eilack                                                Miss H Mansfield 

Eileen Selby Memorial Trophy

Rooinek Darshiva                                                   Miss L Forrester                       Hespa Heart of Gold                                               22

Memorial Salver Best Group Placings                                                                  

Ch Saragwe Saafiki at Faahac                                NO CLAIMS

Memorial Trophy Best Placed Stakes Winner      

Gill Regler Memorial Trophy                                    Mr J Kirby &                            Ch Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose                                   114

Best Descendant of Ch Vizara                                 Miss H Mansfield 

Shemesh of Shabani

Footpath Trophy                                                      Mr & Mrs S Farleigh              Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That                       168                    

Best Descendant of Mingo                                        

Of Mancross                                           

The Annual Trophies below are awarded jointly by

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and The Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain

The Owlsmoor Trophy; –    A trophy to commemorate Cicely Hick of Owlsmoor Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

The Gunthwaite Trophy; – A trophy to commemorate Rosie Bates of Gunthwaite Rhodesian Ridgebacks

and to be awarded to the Best Opposite Sex of the winner of the Owlsmoor Trophy.

The Criteria for both trophies is they will be awarded on a points basis, i.e. one point for a Challenge Certificate, plus one point for Best of Breed, plus another point for Best in Show.  NB – 1 point for Best in Show is only at Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Championship Shows, all points to be calculated in the UK. 

The winners of the trophies will be agreed between the Committees of the Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club and the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Great Britain.  The presentation of these trophies to take place at the AGM of M&NRRC or RRCGB.  The Club’s to rotate the honour of presenting the trophies beginning with the RRCGB in 2018.

 The Owlsmoor Trophy                                           Mr & Mrs S Farleigh              Ch Kinabula Bin There Done That                               11             

aka Cecily Hick Memorial Trophy

The Gunthwaite Trophy                                         Miss S Nix

Ch Kitoko Where Ever You Go Eiko JW      10

aka The Rosie Bates Memorial Trophy     

Best Opp Sex to The Owlsmoor Trophy