2018 Open Show photos and critique. Our judge for the day Mr Danny Cullen with his principal winners. Best in Show Hesslewell Heartbeat JW  – Reserve Best in Show – Faahac Free N’Easy JW ShCM


Best Puppy in Show – Maanhaar Primo – Creatus Henrietta for Rubiltra (imp)     Best Veteran in Show – Kamili Busara ShCM.

Best Dog – Faahac Free N’Easy JW ShCM – Reserve Best Dog – Hesslewell Heartthrob JW ShCM – Best Puppy Dog – Dellared Satisfy My Soul.

Best Bitch Hesslewell Heartbeat JW -Reserve Best Bitch – Faahac Fancy Free

Judges Critique

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the club show and also for the speed in which they re-scheduled it after the bad weather. Most of all I would like to thank the exhibitors for giving me this opportunity to go over their dogs. This is a breed I have long had an interest in and found the temperament of all shown today to be excellent. All dogs were shown in top condition. I think there is going to be some interesting times to come for the breed as I found some of the young up coming puppies very promising. Last but not least I would like to thank my ring steward Mrs Toni Agnew for keeping everything moving smoothly.

MPD: 1. Mills, Priorpark Jabari For Nzuri.

Young dog with a nice outline, head has well set ears with a dark eye. Neck flows into a good shoulder top line is level with a good ridge, plenty of bone, front is good with tight feet. His chest is well ribbed back with decent rear angulation. Once settled moved well.

  1. Murray, Dellared Natural Mystic.

Another young puppy, good coat colour and texture, with a well-defined ridge head is still developing but has a dark eye with a good stop. Nice topline on the stack but just tending to drop it on the move at the moment, his front is ok with nice bone, feet and pasterns.

PD: 1. Murray, Dellared Satisfy My Soul.

A well-balanced puppy with an alert expression, his head is a little further developed than his brothers in the previous class with a round dark eye and strong jaw. Again, good coat and texture well defined ridge good top line balanced front and back moved with ease out and back. BPD.

JD: 1. Chavez-Novoa, Carlincox First Impression.

A nice red wheaten dog. He is a good size with moderate rear angulation a well-set tail and level top line. Deep chest and well ribbed, strong loin and good tail set. Head has a nice dark eye with a good stop, well set ears and strong jaw. Moved around the ring with good rear action, just needs to tighten up in front.

  1. Barnard, Carlincox First Encounter.

Litter brother to 1 but more substantial in size and not quite as balanced. Long neck into his shoulder would have liked a bit more upper arm. Clear well-defined ridge with even crowns, level top line with a good tail set. Straight front compact feet and good pasterns. I would have liked a little more rear angulation and stronger hocks.

GD: 1. Barnard, Carlincox First Encounter.

PGD: 1.  Manning Fiadmas Jorge Kahawia.

A well-muscled dog with a deep chest strong bone and compact feet. Head masculine with a well-defined stop and strong jaw. Well placed shoulders strong top line well set tail. Good length ridge Moved around the ring well with good drive.

  1. Grayson, Kifanis Loki By Ino With Isiqa.

Head has strong jaw, with a good eye and is framed by well-placed ears. Strong neck good ridge well set tail and nice rear angulation. Front has strong bone with a deep chest and slight rise over the loin. Good colour and coat texture, not quite as settled on the move as 1.

LD: 1. Davis, Hesslewell Heartthrob. JW, SH.CM

Nice balanced outline with strong bone good muscle and a straight front. Good rear angulation, with a well-placed tail and level top line. Good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm, tight compact feet well ribbed chest moved well around the ring. RBD

  1. Deacon Kiromol Kindred Spirit.

A good-sized dog with a masculine head long neck and well-defined ridge. He has a good rise over the loin and is well ribbed. Tail set and angulation is ok. On the move he just wasn’t as together as 1

OD: 1. Catharell, Faahac Free- N- Easy. JW SH.CM

Nice class to judge. Winner was a liver nose with a well-balanced head, strong jaw, well defined stop and amber eyes. His coat is short and dence. Strong neck with a well laid shoulder good fore chest tight elbow, good bone and a straight front with good muscle. He has a deep chest with a good top line held well on the move. Well defined ridge of good length, tail set is a little high but excellent rear angulation and strong hocks. Calm and free on the move. Well handled.BD RBIS.

  1. Lawson. Kani Akilah Encane Hasaani For Jengachenga.

A mature dog with a strong head dark round eye and strong jaw. Neck is strong with a well-muscled shoulder, straight front and good bone. Clear defined ridge carried on a good top line held on the move. Deep chest and good angulation.

MPB.1. Doughty, Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Henrietta.(imp)

Very nice feminine puppy, head is still developing but still shows breed characteristics such as a round dark eye with a good expression, well defined stop, all framed by well placed ears. Her neck is clean and strong, with a nice placed shoulder and straight front with good bone. Compact feet with good pasterns. Level top with a good length of ridge with even crowns. A well-set tail good bend of stifle and strong hocks. Very settled on the move. BPB BPIS.

  1. Parson, Priorpark Pipsqueak.

Another promising young puppy, moved around the ring well holding her topline. Balanced outline with good bone and rise over the loin. Long ridge moderate front and rear angulation. Head not as balanced as 1 but has a dark eye and good ear set.

  1. 1. Doughty, Maanhaar Primo-Creatus Henrietta. (imp)
  2. Parsons, Proirpark Pipsicle.

Wheaten in colour, coat short and dence with a well-marked ridge. Nice outline showing a level topline, deep chest and good bone Compact feet but a little soft in pastern at the moment. Good rear angulation with strong hocks. Settled well on the move.

  1. 1. Lowson, Jengachenga Despicable Me.

Straight front with tight feet and good pasterns, plenty of bone. Neck is long and strong with a good shoulder and deep chest. Well ribbed back and level top. Ridge is well marked, she has a decent tail set good bend of stifle and was free and moving.

PGB. 1. Henshall, Sanbona African Soul Daaci At Suhuba (imp)

Nice red wheaten bitch balanced head with a well-defined stop strong jaw and round eyes. Long neck into a strong shoulder, deep chest and good top line. Tail is well placed and carried well on the move.

  1. 1. Hesslewell, Heartbeat.

Lovely feminine liver nose bitch. On the stack she is well balanced with good front and rear angulation, level top line, with a strong neck. She has a well-defined ridge with a good tail set good bend of stifle and strong hocks. Head has a round amber eyes, good stop, strong jaw and nice ear set. Straight front with strong bone, deep chest, elbows tight against her ribs. Moved with ease around the ring Shown in top condition and well handled. A well-balanced bitch. BB BIS

  1. Pearce, Msingi Hush Hush.

Well balanced in head with a good ear set and stop, strong jaw with round dark eyes. Good lay of shoulder nice upper arm, straight front tight feet. Deep chest and strong loin nice front and rear angulation. Ran close for 1st I just preferred the balanced outline of 1.

  1. 1. Lawless, Faahac Fancy Free.

Mature red wheaten bitch, short dence coat and in good condition. Nice ridgeback shape with a straight front good lay of shoulder and moderate rear angulation to match. Typical well-balanced head not over done clear defined stop and a dark eye. Ridge is well marked on a level back with a nice rise over the loin and a good tail set, chest is deep and ribbed well back. RBB.

  1. Catharell, Kitko Mable.

A very laid-back bitch in the ring and well-schooled. Nice head, neck long, shoulder set not as good as 1 level back and good ridge. Top line held well on the move.

  1. 1. Maylor, Kamili Busara SH CM.

A 7-year-old lady, a little strong in head but well-defined stop and a nice dark eye. Strong neck shoulder ok, strong bone, I would have liked her to have had a more tighter foot. Good ridge topline a little soft on the move. BV.


Judge. Mr Danny Cullen.