2019 Championship show

Judges critique and photos

B.I.S Bate’s Gunthwaite Midnite Swinga. RB.I.S Clark- Maclean’s Callmn’s Special Look B.V.I.S Mansfield & Kirby’s Ch Singwidsi Tshelete Silk B.P.I.S Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom
Bitch CC & BIS Bate’s Gunthwaite Midnite Swinga R Bitch CC Cunningham’s Ir Ch Walamadengie Coco Chanelle Jun Ch BVBitch & BVIS Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk B Puppy Bitch & BPIS Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom
Dog CC Clark- Maclean’s Callmn’s Special Look RDogCC Farleigh’s Ch Kinabula’Taking Chances BPuppy Dog Diamondridge Di Caprio

It gave me great pleasure to judge a very good entry of 155 from 139 dogs at the Midlands & Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club’s championship show held at the KC Building, Stoneleigh. The quality was excellent, more even in the bitches than the dogs. Temperaments were truly excellent, which was very pleasing. So all in all they were a really good bunch which augurs well for the future. I had two top-class stewards in Mrs Catharell, who is also the club treasurer, and Toni Agnew, who kept me going throughout. I was rewarded at the end with a good bottle of champagne and also a club clock which, at the time of writing, keeps perfect time. Ridges on the whole were excellent. Best in Show was a bitch winning her 1st CC on the day, Gunthwaite Midnite Swinga; BOS and Res BIS Callmns Special Look, BP Kinabulas Gucci Bloom and Best Veteran Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk.

MPD (11) Quite a class to start the day. 1 Barnes’ Diamondridge Di Caprio. Well grown liver puppy of seven months (I hope he has stopped growing!) Very sound and athletic, masculine head with good expression. Clean neck, strong body, firm topline, well-muscled hind quarters, good reach and drive in movement. 2 Timms’ Carlincox Solid Gold. 8 and a half months, fit and healthy puppy in good form, excellent silhouette, well-schooled showman, good reach of neck, excellent bone and feet, very well handled and presented, keen and interested in everything around him. Not quite the fluency in movement of 1st but a real eyecatcher. His litter brother was third here and another litter mate went on to win

PD (4) 1 Rayner’s Carlincox Good As Gold. Carrying too much weight but I felt he was the most typey Ridgeback in this slightly disappointing class. Good size, excellent coat, pleasing head and expression. Need to strengthen in movement and lose some of that puppy fat! 2 Taylor and Vainikeviciute’s Jambaro African Star. Big lad of 11 and a half months, a bit plain in head and I should prefer slightly darker eyes. Standing a bit slack in front but had plenty of drive behind. Good coat, fit body. 3 Steven’s Msingi Beck N Call.

JD (16) 1 Raymond’s Sofala Lightening Strike. 12 and a half months, clean and smart-looking young man in excellent coat and condition, easy mover, light on his feet, quality head, good outline and proportion. Well handled and presented, lean and fit. 2 Ashman’s Patemeliann Red Tarka at Kitaarka. 15 months, would like to see him carry a shade more weight, excellent reach of neck, showy and keen. Has a short attention span as yet but he was sound and active on the move. 3 Willunat’s Shavano’s Quality Of Life By Oliver (Imp).

YD (5) 1 Ashman’s Patemeliann Red Tarka at Kitaarka. 2 Willunat’s Shavano’s Quality Of Life By Oliver (Imp). Just a year and took a bit of time to settle as he is full of play and mischief, good bone, masculine head, strong fit body, moved well once he found his gear, sympathetically handled. 3 Hicks and Clark’s Nuthouse King of Hearts.

ND (1) 1 J African Star.

PGD (6) 1 Aitken, Muir, Rossiter and McGoldrick’s Villagedogs Rise of Phoenix at Saadani (Imp Bel). 18 months, his handler got everything out of him, good silhouette, typical head and expression, good depth of body, plenty of reach and drive when moving. 2 Murray’s Delared Natural Mystic. Two years, strong-looking male, intelligent expression, good bone and substance, clean neckline, held his topline on the move. Front movement not as good as winner. 3 Hall’s Matsushona Fire Opal of Cynami.

LD (10,2) 1 Whiteside’s Jimanns the Doctor. Two years old, a quality dog in hard muscular condition, I liked his head and serious expression, steady character, excellent coat, well proportioned, strong quarters, willing, cooperative showman who went well. 2 Davies’ Gunthwaite Papa Don’t Preach. Pressed hard for first place. Good outline, well balanced, compact feet, good head and expression, intelligent dark eyes. Firm body, strong quarters, steady showman who moved well. I see he is full brother to the CC winning bitch. 3 Raymond’s Elangani Place Me at Jervisbay with Sofala (AI) (Imp).

OD (12) Very good class and most enjoyable to judge. 1 Clark-Maclean’s Callmns Special Look, had to work quite hard to be the victor in this hot class but he never put a foot wrong. Handsome male, real macho man, effortless mover, very fit and well-muscled and at one with his handler standing and moving. Excellent bone, legs and feet, good reach of neck, calm and steady character who just looks at you right, showed with composure and confidence. I was very pleased to award him the CC, his second I believe, so I hope his third isn’t far away. 2 and Res CC, Farleigh’s Ch Kinabulas Taking Chances, three years, another good-looking Ridgeback, sound and assertive on the move with plenty of power, clean head, flat skull, well-constructed, in superb condition. Towards the end of this class he looked just a bit hot and bothered but then a little later he came back in to compete for the reserve CC, and again looked fit and fresh. This lady fielded a good team of four ridgebacks and I liked all of them. 3 Deacon’s Kiromol Kindred Spirit ShCM, Completing a lovely trio.

Ch D (4,1) 1 Little’s Ch Sofala Joe the Lion. Rising four, upstanding dog, fit and well-conditioned, quality head, intelligent expression, relaxed showman who went well. 2 Catharell’s Ch Faahac Free N Easy JW ShCM. Five-year-old liver, well-proportioned with a pleasing head and intelligent expression. Very good topline and quarters, moved well but not going as well as the winner in front on the day. Also won the award for best liver nose. 3 Craven’s Ch Hespa Haggins JW.

Vet D (4,1) 1 Barnard’s Ch Jockular Lord Leonti at Tsjakka JW (Imp). Eight years young, still has a good powerful stride going round, good head and reach of neck, intelligent eyes and expression. Well-muscled quarters, steady showman and character 2 Pyke’s Ch Rozeridge Who the Man ShCM. Also eight, feet not as good as the winner but he was lean and fit, devoted showman, still quite a good topline, well handled. 3 Adderley’s Tambyssa’s Ares.

Vet over 10 years (5) 1 Carlton’s Umhlandie Bukekayo. 11 and a half year-old dog, he still wants to go, nothing wrong with his movement, clearly still likes his food too and would do anything for a bit of bait. Good bone and outline. 2 Whiteside’s Morlingcourt Perfect Rogue, 10 years plus, very fit with typical head and easy movement. Patiently waiting for his reward. 3 Hodge’s Multi Ch Veldtkammer Assle Me Litely. She is an old friend of mine, at nearly 12 she has every right to look like an old lady, found the going a bit heavy on the day but her spirit was still willing! These oldies always managed to make me slightly tearful.

MPB (9) What a nice lot of babies. 1 and BMP, Timm’s Carlincox Golden Aura. Eight months, started off perfectly and then got spooked, discovered later it was a mop and bucket that upset her – having removed them she was back to her confident self! Just goes to prove that dogs are not machines or robots, they can and do react to strange new things. Quality head, clean silhouette, Very nice outline and an active mover, perfectly handled. 2 Salmon’s Diamondridge Drumroll. 7 and a half months, attractive head and expression, good outline and proportions, moved and showed steadily. 3 Lowson’s Binti Hasani Gaudiwa Musana for Jengachenga (Imp). What a mouthful of a name!

PB (11,1) 1 and BP, Farleigh’s Kinabulas Gucci Bloom. 9 months, I really fell for this gorgeous puppy. Lovely outline and so well proportioned, excellent head and typical expression, strong, fit body, relaxed, easy movement, showy and stylish. Must have a bright future. 2 Cox’s Carlincox Pure Gold. Yet another from what must’ve been a super litter. Good showgirl, excellent shape, plenty of body, pleasing head, everything fits, moved and showed well. 3 Pearce’s Msingi Not On Your Nelly.

JB (10,3) 1 Cyprien’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Indie (Imp Nor). 12 months, nice youngster, light on her feet, relaxed showgirl, feminine head, good reach of neck, well-conditioned and handled. Good outline and proportions. 2 Farleigh’s Kinabula Driving Miss Daisy. Yearling bitch with plenty to like about her, strong body and good bone and feet. Just looking a bit rangey at the moment. 3 Hemstock and Sanjesh’s Patemelliann Wicked lady Jolihem.

YB (6) 1 Hicks’ Nuthouse Queen of Clubs jw. 18 months, very nice quality youngster with excellent neckline, body and top line. Quality head, good expression, moved and showed very well, handle to advantage. 2 Cyprien’s Shavano’s Quality of Life by Indie (Imp Nor). 3 Hemstock and Sanjesh’s Patemeliann Wicked Lady Jolihem.

NB (4) 1 Carlincox Golden Aura. 2 Hall’s Msingi All About Me Of Cynami. Nine months, feminine puppy with good body, excellent coat and condition, showed herself to advantage, moved okay. 3 Clark’s, Kamili Crimson and Clover.

PGB (9,2). 1. Shaw’s Negasi Celebrian. Well grown two-year-old in good form, typical head and expression, excellent coat, well-conditioned, showed well, made the most of herself moving. 2. Parsons’, Priorpark Pipsicle. 23 months, good honest bitch, firm body in topline, fit and healthy, moved with a good stride, well shown and handled 3. Hicks’ Nuthouse Some Like It Hot.

LB. (8,2). 1. Nash’s Tokwe Ginvincible with Mutoko. 2 and a half years old, excellent quality and type, attractive head, flat skull, well-proportioned with good reach of neck, held her topline on the go around and handled to advantage, steady showgirl. 2. Barnes’s, Diamondridge Dream Catch Me. JW. Another decent bitch. Pleasing head and expression, plenty to like but I just thought she was not as good in topline on the move as the winner. 3. Simper’s, Amahle Ayita of Matabelle.

OB. (1). Very good class. 1. CC and BOB. Bates’, Gunthwaites Midnite Swinga. I loved this two-year-old bitch, so clean looking and correct, she was a joy to watch on the move. Lovely head and intelligent expression. Relaxed showgirl. Could not stand wrong. Well balanced, handled to perfection and I had no difficulty making her CC and BOB winner on the day. Should have no problem getting her title. 2. Hodge’s Colkeririn Face to the Sun JW Sh CM. Rising 4, excellent type and size. Good head, eyes and expression. Excellent body and quarters. Sound, active mover who also showed well. 3. Parsons’ Priorpark Pipsqueak JW.

ChB (5,1). 1. RCC, Cunningham’s Ch. Walamadengle Coco Chanelle Jun Ch. Will be 2 in September. Very classy bitch that I recently placed third in the Hound Group at Blackpool Championship Show. In splendid condition. She ran the CC winner very close here as she has so much to like. Quality head, lovely neckline and body. Sound and attentive on the move. Composed showgirl. Well-handled and presented. Lovely bitch. 2. Cox’s Ch. Carlincox First Class JW ShCM. ShCEX. 2 and three quarters years old quality bitch who moved soundly but just did not quite have the sparkle of the winner today. Clean silhouette. Well proportioned. Attractive head and eyes. As always from this kennel, well turned out and handled. 3. McGoldrick’s, NL Ch Villagedogs On Dark Side of the Moon.

VB. (5). 1. Mansfield’s Ch. Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk. 9-and-a-half-year-old, still a good-looking Ridgeback in excellent shape with a good figure, no love handles. Firm topline. Moved and showed well. Sophisticated grey round the muzzle. 2. Raymond’s Sofala So Fantastique. 7-and-a-half-year-old and a very young-looking veteran. Attractive head, expressive eyes. Well-conditioned. Moved well. 3. Catharell’s, Kitoko Mabel.

Liz Cartledge