2021 Championship Show

Judges Critique and Photos

Best in Show & Res Best in Show

Best in Show & Res Best in Show

Best Puppy in Show & Best Veteran in Show

Best Puppy in Show & Best Veteran in Show

MPD (7,1) 1. Rhodes, Priorpark you Coda Be Mine Of Metalrock. 8 months lovely head and expression. true in front and sound behind. Lovely mover particularly in profile. In lovely condition and well presented BPIS. 2. Nelson, Zougani Zante. Nice head and dark eye. Good shoulders and strong hindquarters, back needs to strengthen up, moved ok. 3. Humphrey, Priorpark Perfect Timing.

PD (3,2) 1. Pictons, Priorpark Point And Click. Taller type of dog, Nice head and body proportions, good bone and feet, needs to settle on the move.

JD (3,1) 1. Hewson, Walamadengie Son Of A Gun. Strong male with Nice masculine head good dark round eye, good shoulders and depth of brisket strong hind quarters and move with ease once he got into his stride. 2.Chesshire, Colkeririn Run To The Sun. Stylish male but slightly longer cast than first, good neck and shoulders well ribbed back, nice tight feet, did not move as good from behind as first.

ND (2) 1. Ashley, Stasimelsie Cinnamon.Well presented nice head , nicely placed front, good top line and moved ok. 2. Blyth, Priorpark Piece Of Cake. Taller in type. Pleasing head and eye, strong body, could move better.

PGD (7,2) 1.Thomson, Rottzridge Top O’ The Class. Has a lot of quality and presents a lovely outline both standing and moving 2. Hurn, Diamondridge Dark Delight Of Matikiridge. Longer in type than one. Pleasing head and expression nice shoulders ,strong top line, good angles back and front moved with ease. 3.Grayson-Wood,Fiadma Anson Donn At Isiqa.

LD (4) 1.Farleigh, Kinabula’s Just For The Record. Good head and expression nice round eye, decent depth of chest and length of rib, well angulated and nicely muscled hindquarters, moved round the ring with ease. Res CC. 2. Blyth, Priorpark Piece Of Cake. 3.Simpson, Renescent Jolly Roger.

OD (6,1) 1. Anthony, Rottzridge I Am Wrath. A dog of excellent quality and maturity. Classic RR head ,dark round eye, with strong muzzle. Well placed shoulders good depth body and well ribbed back, nice length of loin and good rear assembly. True and accurate on the move with a really good long stride. CC & BIS. 2. Farleigh, Kinabula’s Jobs A Good Un. A lovely male that pushed one hard. Lovely head with nice length of neck and lay of shoulders good for chest and spring of rib, strong top line. Well let down hocks and tight feet. Good mover. 3.Whiteside, Jimanns The Doctor.

CH D (1) 1. Little. Ch Sofala Joe The Lion, Lovely head and expression, good lay of shoulders nice for chest, well ribbed back strong top line and well let down hocks, moved freely around the ring.

VD (3) 1. Catharell, Ch Faahac Free N’easy Jw Sh.cm. Nice liver male with good eye colour, strong bone and good feet, well ribbed body with good depth of chest. Well angulated and nicely muscled hindquarters moved soundly round the ring. 2.Clark-Maclean, Callmn’s Special Look. Good head, strong top line nice angles back and front, move ok. 3.Grayson-Wood, Kifani’s Loke By Ino With Isiqa .

SVD/B (2,1) Catharell, Kitoko Mabel, Pleasing head and alert expression. Good front and rear assembly. Moved positively with drive. Certainly not showing her age. Best Veteran in show.

MPB (5,1) 1.Humphrey, Priorpark Peaky Blinder. Nice feminine liver bitch, nice head and eyes , lovely front and length of body, with lovely free movement. 2.Raymond, Sofala Stellar. Feminine head with good length of neck, nice front, and top line, would like more depth in the loin, steady mover.

PB (2,1) 1. Doughty, Fiadma’s Indica At Rubiltra. 11 months old good head proportions, nice eye and expression clean neck, good legs and feet body well balanced, good quarters, moved well. Would like a little less weight.

JB (3) 1.Cox Carlincox From Rusia Wiv Luv, Lovely head and expression, nice eye, ears well set, clean neck and shoulders, body well balanced, ribs well sprung, good quarters and moved well both ways . 2. Tanner Baldwin & Baldwin, Barfordridge Zita. Nice feminine head, not quite as true in front as winner, sound in body. Well ribbed back, enough rear angulation, moved ok.

YB (3) 1.Farleigh, Kinabula’s My Girls Lollipop, Nice head with good round eye strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders with good muscle tone. Well ribbed back, good hind quarters, moved well with good length of stride. 2.Darling Steele Sonstraal Walking Sunshine With Sharufa, Pleasing head, good ears and length of neck. Well laid shoulders, straight front, good angles fore and aft. Nice free mover. 3. Mcintosh. Benicloujam Lola Of Chagall.

NB (5) 1. Mackfall, Benicloujam Aumba Breeze Of Africaner. Well put together. Well balanced head with a kind eye and clean neck of good length leads to well laid shoulders. Good chest and depth to her ribs. strong over her quarters with good width to her second thigh. Sound mover. 2.Darling Steele Sonstraal Walking Sunshine With Sharufa. 3.Warrener, Goldner Blossom Alake.

PGB (9,1) 1. Clark-Maclean, Callmn’s Special Fool. Lovely red wheaten bitch with excellent head and eye, nice clean shoulders and depth of body well ribbed back, with strong hindquarters and moved with a good length of stride. RCC. 2. Humphrey, Priorpark Pinch Of Salt. Shorter coupled than one. Good head and round eye, good angles front and back strong hindquarters, moved freely. 3.Henshall, Leeurit Jukeba Mshangao Tatu At Suhuba.

LB (15,3) 1.Coyne, Ozubi’s Patience Jw. Good dark eye and expression strong neck, which led to well laid shoulders. Enough spring of rib and depth of chest. Good mover. 2. Clark-Maclean, Callmn’s Perfect Storm, Nice feminine head ,good length of neck level top line not as good in shoulders as one. Well ribbed back good strong hindquarters and well let down hocks, moved with good length of stride. 3.Barnes, Diamondridge Ddolores De Rio.

OB (10,1) 1.Farleigh, Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom, Nice head with lovely dark eye and good depth of muzzle, lovely arched neck with excellent shoulders and length of upper arm, well developed chest with deep brisket, correct balance in body, hindquarters sound and tight feet. moved with good reach and drive. CC,& RES BIS. 2.Cox, Carlincox Pure Gold Jw. Preferred head on one, nice length of neck with good shoulders and width of fore chest and straight front and level top line, nicely angulated hindquarters, moved with plenty of drive. 3. Humphrey, Priorpark Pipsicle.


CH (4) 1.Catley, CH Diamondridge Roll The Dice For Royalridge Jw. Lovely head and expression, nice dark round eye. Clean shoulders and depth of brisket, well ribbed back, strong hindquarters with well let down hocks, with free striding movement. 2. Hodge, CH Colkeririn Face To The Sun JW Sh.Cm. Another nice bitch. good head and expression clean neck level top line good angulation front and rear with strong quarters, preferred the movement of 1. 3. Cox, CH Carlincox First Class Jw Sh.cm Shcex.

V(4) 1.Tanner Baldwin, Janak Dronning Maud Of Barfordridge. Nice head and depth of body, well ribbed back, moved with ease round the ring. 2. Taylor, Tokwe Truly Scrumptious. Feminine head and expression, correct bone, steady mover. 3. Shaw, Mtwapa Maalum.