Championship Show 2016 Photos and Judges’ Critique

Midlands and Northern Rhodesian Ridgeback Club,

Championship Show held 16th July 2016

Thoroughly enjoyed this appointment. A well run friendly show at the KC building. Lovely big ring, good stewards, nice atmosphere. I felt the bitches had more depth of quality with some very promising youngsters. MPB was a lovely class to do. My principal winners were top quality, possessing all the hallmarks of the breed. A real credit must go to the owners of the veterans, not only were they in tip top condition but both my male winners were 7 plus.

Photos courtesy of Gillian Mulligan

Best In Show – Mansfield and Kirby’s Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk 

Reserve Best In Show –  Aitkin’s Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM

Dog CC and Best Veteran in Show- Aitkin’s Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM

Reserve Dog CC – Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mn0 JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog – Targett’s Bonfirebeau Mr Big Stuff

Bitch CC – Mansfield and Kirby’s Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk 

Reserve Bitch CC – Broadsmith’s Gunthwaite Kiss N’Tell

Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy in Show -Rowbottom’s – Hespa Pina Colada

Minor Puppy Dog 6 (3a)

1st House’s Diamondridge Distant Storm For Kemgordoni, nicely balanced youngster, muscular head with good properties, strong neck, good bone & feet, would prefer a tighter eye, nice ribs, slight curl over loin with moderate rear, settled on move.

2nd Catley & McGimpsey’s Diamondridge Distant Dancer, taller & more immature than 1, kind eye, clean cheeks, well placed ears, needs to develop in front & chest, tight feet, prefer better tailset, just needs to fill out & drop throughout.

3rd Furnell’s Big Boy Sweet Ridge

Puppy Dog 6 (3a)

1st Targett’s Bonfirebeau Mr Big Stuff, alert, lively dog, good bone, size & strength, round dark eye, prefer little less wrinkle in skull, neat feet, strong neck, excellent chest & rib, moderate angles throughout, with steady balanced movement. Best Puppy Dog

2nd Hjipieris’ Jaloumi Here Comes The Son At Sympan, excellent body, pleasing head & expression, more immature than 1 & needs to drop in chest & rear, loses his topline on the move, OK front, needs to strengthen in rear.

3rd Furnell’s Big Boy Sweet Ridge

Junior Dog 8 (1a)

1st Nix’s Kitoko Wherever You Go Elko, very nice honest moderately balanced dog, not overdone in any way, good head planes, well placed neat ears, correct bone & substance, lovely topline, nice easy elastic sound movement, promising future ahead;

2nd Cox’s Gens Julia Toretto Always The First At Carlincox (Imp), another quality dog with a lovely outline, strong built bone, not weak really liked his head, feet, ribs & musculature, just preferred rear on winner, lots to like.

3rd Parrish’s Rottzridge Mad About The Boy

Yearling Dog 7 (2a)

1st Webster’s Saffronridge Enigma Of Kazembe, mixed class to sort, nicely balanced youngster, still needs to fill out but not exaggerated in any way, strong bone, lovely tight feet, ribs well back, holds topline well at all times, easy mover, tail could be carried lower on move but nice overall type.

2nd Murphy & Barnes’ Diamondridge De Niro, another nice male, a little stronger throughout, nice expression, deep chest, a little down in pastern, muscular loin, good profile movement, in lovely coat & skin condition.

3rd Clark-MacLean’s Callmn’s Dark Knight Rises

Novice Dog 2 (1a)

1st Torr’s Saimon’s Praide Extranatural Phenomenon At Bovijo (Imp), good head planes, prefer more width of muzzle, dark eye, prefer better feet & nails! Nice properties with good ribs, muscular rear, moves OK, tail could be lower on move, ideally like more reach in front.

Post Graduate Dog 7

1st Plested’s Nzawi Kaiser Chief, very honest typy upstanding male, super balance & proportions, muscular build, ears could be smaller, excellent bone & feet, moderate angles, steady mover, superb condition.

2nd Walker’s Amahle Juma, similar type to 1, nicely balanced, ideally like more fill in front, excellent ribcage, muscular loin, easy action on the move hard condition.

3rd Woodrow’s Mirengo’s Mangula

Limit Dog 11 (1a)

1st Craven & Mackfall’s Hespa Henry Higgins, strong upstanding dog, lovely to go over, level head planes, strength of muzzle, muscular neck, lovely front assembly, OK feet, good loin, moderate rear, easy mover from all angles, pushed hard for top honours;

2nd Clark-MacLean’s Callmn’s Special Look, lovely head & eye, strong but not coarse, neat feet, good length of rib, ideally like a stronger rear, muscular throughout, nice profile picture.

3rd Murphy’s Amhle Mpho At Lusapho ShC

Open Dog 16 (2a)

1st Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Kubwa Mno, super class with depth in quality throughout, really close decision, winner is so typical with moderation & balance throughout, all parts fit together, lovely to watch on good round, good condition & muscle. Reserve Dog CC

2nd Mackfall’s Ch Kelshanti Senator Of Africaner, another lovely dog who is full of quality, super bone & strength without being overdone, holds a lovely outline at all times, loved his headpiece.

3rd Geeves’ Ch Roseridge Royal Romeo JW (Imp)

Veteran Dog 5

1st Aithen & Reid’s Ch Sonstraal Chocolate Storm ShCM, quality dog who is in super condition, lovely type & balance, athletic outline, correct head planes, well placed ears, strong neck, excellent front assembly, long ribcage, easy free side gait. Dog CC, Best Veteran In Show & Reserve Best In Show.

2nd Lowson’s Ch Mwenga Hasani For Jengachenga, pleasing dog with strength & power, quality masculine head, dark eye, nice front & chest, great for 10, bit down in pasterns now but still moves well holding shape, muscular loin.

3rd Hicks’ Nuthouse Manhatton


Minor Puppy Bitch 7 (2a)

1st Rowbottom’s Hespa Pina Colada, very very nice class with potential for all 5, actually found this not an easy class to place, winner is very collected with already good substance & strength, lovely tight feet, good ribs, moderate angles, low set hock, easy side gait, bright future. Best Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy In Show

2nd Manning’s Fiadma Mrs Clause Nyekundo, slightly finer boned than winner but still has nice quality, balanced headpiece with bright expressive eyes, good ribs, sturdy mover, slight arch of loin, moderate rear, lots of promise.

3rd Webster’s Diamondridge Distant Beat Of Kazembe

Puppy Bitch 7 (3a)

1st Hodges’ Colkerin Face To The Sun, feminine bitch, good skull, round eye, well placed ears, good bone & feet, well proportioned, level topline, moderate rear, easy side gait, nice type;

2nd Rossiter & Fox’s Sonstraal Blood Sunrise, taller girl who needs to grow into her frame, pleasing head, level head planes, strong neck, lacks firm topline, a touch strong in rear quarters, but has a lovely shape, different type to 1 but lots of quality.

3rd Sales, & Harvey’s Jaloumi Walkin On Sunshine For Lionpride

Junior Bitch 6  

1st Storey & Piehl’s Kiromol Midsummer Spirit, smart junior bitch with lovely balanced moderate angles, lovely skull, well chiselled under eye, good ears, strong bone, lovely ribcage, neat feet, easy free mover, nice type.

2nd Parrish’s Rottzridge Me And My Girl, similar type to winner, stands very naturally, alert bright eye, good feet, holds her topline well, muscular rear, lovely condition, nice quality bitch.

3rd  Maidment’s Kiromol Sweet Spirit For Amahle

 Yearling Bitch 10

1st Mansfield & Kirby’s Shingwidsi Tshadi Rose, beautiful headpiece, level head planes, alert eye, A1 bone & feet, moderate angles front & back, easy free flowing movement, excellent condition, strong neck, low set hocks;

2nd Nelson’s Gabisa Woo Woo at Zougani, another unexaggerated bitch, standing over good ground, well constructed, clean neck with lovely firm topline, muscular loin, just preferred strength in rear of winner, nice type, another quality headpiece.

3rd Pearce’s Msingi Hush Hush

Novice Bitch 6 (2a)

1st  Rossiter & Fox’s Sonstraal Blood Sunrise

2nd Jones’ Blonde Isis By Lebombo (Imp), well proportioned bitch, good skull, bone, length of rib & rear quarters, ideally prefer more fill in front, head condition, tail carriage could be lower.

3rd Goodman’s Eilack Red Angel Ir J Ch

Post Graduate Bitch 11 (4a)  

1st Farleigh’s Kinabula Young Gifted And Red, very honest bitch to go over, nicely balanced head, neat ears, good bone & feet, correct unexaggerated underline, muscular loin, well developed moderate rear, lovely mover in profile, nice type;

2nd Parrott’s Umhlandla Umpheki At Marondera, nicely headed bitch, dark eye, nicely chiselled, ideally like more depth of chest & tighter feet, good topline, free mover, in lovely condition.

3rd Hick’s Nuthouse Hot Stuff

Limit Bitch 16

1st Broadsmith’s Gunthwaite Kiss N Tell at Chainama, lovely clean with real depth of qualities, winner is well balanced, strongly built with good outline, super front, neat feet, muscular loin, good type, easy free mover. Reserve Bitch CC

2nd Raymond’s Sofala Scarlett Dancer, mature bitch who again is unexaggerated throughout, pleasing head & expression, prefer better feet, deep chest, muscular reach, low set hock, covers ground well.

3rd Clark & MacLean’s Callmn The Special One

Open Bitch 13 (1a)

1st Mansfield & Kirby’s Ch Shingwidsi Tshelete Silk, lovely example of the breed, strong, no exaggeration, sound, muscular & athletic, lovely type, typical headpiece, muscular neck, lots to like & could not find anything better, so thoroughly deserved.  Bitch CC & Best In Show.

2nd Maylor’s Ch Kamili Comes And Goes, another lovely bitch, loved her free, easy side gait, good ribs & chest, well made front, firm topline, ears could be smaller but balanced skull, nice firm condition, quality bitch & clearly a worthy champion.

3rd Cox’s Carlincox Ready To Rumble

Veteran Bitch 7

1st Craven’s Ch Hespa Heloise, well proportioned upstanding bitch, strong build, good feet, muscular neck, strong loin with super quarters, firm condition, lovely mover from all angles, in good condition

2 Hick’s Nuthouse Martini, dark eye, well placed ears, nice proportions, feet could be tighter, strong firm topline, low set hocks, covers ground well, very close decision.

3rd Storey & Piehl’s Ch Kiromol Tallulah Belle JW

 Judge Gavin Robertson